A Woman is Married for Four Things: Clown World Edition

Your immediate reaction when reading this will be to cuss me out. However, once you see my reasoning I think you’ll agree.

We’re all familiar with the four reasons why a woman should be married. Her wealth, her lineage, her beauty and her religion. And we all know we’re supposed to marry the religious woman. This is the base case.

But how do we filter and vet these religious women? Beauty isn’t enough. Virginity isn’t enough. Yes, I said it. The onslaught of globohomo propaganda against our women and the the tidal forces against successful marriage are too great.

In today’s Clown World, I believe it’s necessary to use new criteria to choose the mother of your children. With that said, allow me to make a few suggestions.

Here are the four reasons why you should marry a woman:

  • She’s a Pureblood. That is, she didn’t take the COVID vaccine or any boosters.
  • She has no college debt. In fact, depending on where she went to school and her major, a college degree in general is a red flag.
  • She has no social media presence. Either that, or she’s happy to delete all of her social media before marrying you.
  • She will homeschool your children. For this to happen, she’d have to be a stay-at-home mom.

Of these, I think being a Pureblood and homeschooling are the deal breakers. Your preferences may differ. So, why did I select these criteria? What are we testing for? Keep reading to find out…

The Khalq al-Quran of Our Time

I’m not being facetious here. Back in the day, someone’s position on the createdness of the Quran was a dog whistle for other heretical beliefs. If you knew their opinion on Khalq al-Quran, you’d know their opinion on a lot of issues.

In the same way, a woman’s COVID vaccination status will tell you a lot about her worldview and character. So will her college debt, social media presence, and her opinion on homeschooling.

What we’re testing for is her susceptibility to globohomo propaganda. Is she based or is she an NPC? Can she think for herself? Don’t confuse education with intelligence.

If she took the jab, she’ll take you to court, try to take half and stop you from seeing your kids. I’m sure that sounds like hyperbolic nonsense to you… until it happens.

This goes beyond whether she’s Salafi or Sufi, what madhab she follows, how much of the Islamic tradition she’s studied. We don’t live in the same world our parents lived in. Your children will live in a far different world still.

When you pick a wife, don’t think with your dick. Choose with your children, grand children and great grand children in mind. They have this right over you.

Do you want your progeny to show up on the Day of Judgement complaining to Allah that you married a vaxxed, triple-boosted NPC who gave them autism and autoimmune disorders?

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