How to DM a Marriage Proposal

If you’re interested in marrying a woman, should you propose to her through DMs? This interaction recently made the rounds on social media.

how to dm a marriage proposal

How to get canceled.

The short answer is no, you should not. Due to the histrionics of online Muslims, there’s no upside to DM’ing a marriage proposal. Frankly, these days there’s little upside to DM’ing any woman, Muslim or otherwise, anything.

Assume everything you say online will be screenshot and used against you. Nature of the business, I’m afraid.

But if you’re gonna do it, here’s what you should say instead.

“What’s your father’s number?”

And then say nothing else. Do not follow up. Shut your mouth. If she doesn’t respond or says anything other than what you asked, assume she’s not interested and move on.

Muslim women will understand you mean by this. And a woman who’s worth marrying and is ready to marry will only respond one way. By giving you her father’s number.

Don’t waste your time, attention and energy on a bint who’s not interested or wants to play games. Women will Shang Tsung your life force without batting an eye.

And if you don’t want to talk to her father first, my brother in Islam, you aren’t serious about marriage and have no business proposing to any woman. This should be obvious to you but I know thirst makes us do stupid ish.

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